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2012 Racing Season Photographs 2012 by James Drew Photos

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Hello it has been over one year since I updated my Fotki account
when I joined Fotki it was for UNLIMITED SPACE !! I paid up to year 2020 three years ago I started having health issues . well fotki decided that They may say and tell you UNLIMITED STORAGE SPACE but that is not the truth now they want you to Purchase CREDITS to continue to use this place to store my photographs it took me years and months and weeks after every race to put my images here 24 hours a day 7 days a week which melted three laptops and one p c computer in getting my photographs up after every race. while in the v a hosp all those days with no internet killed me along with AAA Auto Club Dragway at AAA Auto Club Speedway Closing did me under I could no longer afford buying credits . I hope soon to have a new web site up and running ! I would remove all my content here onto my own hard drives or I guess my own server space but Fotki wants me to pay more credits to down load my photographs which I just can not afford at this time.

TO ORDER PHOTOGRAPHS YOU MAY WANT FROM MY PHOTO ALBUMS OF OLDER 2012 Back you will have to do two things One write down Album name then page # and # photo Number & Row and cut and paste URL also by clicking on the picture making it larger . and including it in your e mail too Me But I will as I said Need Album Name and Page & Row. Thank You Very Much if you have any Questions Please Feel Free to e mail me at
I also have a new phone # 562 331 1478 as I stopped paying ATT
Phone Company . could not afford the the 3 phone lines I used to have NOTE 562 331 1478 Thanks James Drew

Notice Due to my health and being in and out of the Hospital Here in Las Vegas I have not been able to afford the inter net . while I am in Nellis A F B or V A hospital you need a Stick to get on line again I have not had the Funds to do anything After I pay my Bills I have had only enough resources for groceries ! If I owe you a photo's still from this Years 2012 March Meet I have not had the Money to get my Hard Drive with all my Photos on it repaired a person who has been my computer guy tried to get our photos off of Crashed Hard Drive got some of my files but he could not get all of my photos he sent the crashed hard drive to a place he works to get info pictures off in a clean room and they have them all but until I can pay the bill and a new hard drive from them or supply them one I do not have the 1800.00 dollars to pay for their services I have been making monthly payments but I still owe over 1100.00 dollars to them. I feel very bad about not getting these disc's and photos out to you if I had the funds I would return them to you, since moving here to Las Vegas I have gone threw all the funds I had been saving for a rainy day . I am at present getting $650 dollars per month to live on and it is not enough to pay my rent, car ins. phone bill and food, electric and water etc. i went 2 months no car ins. at present time IZ am going to two local Church's for food. I am trying to just take care of myself and my health. I know who I owe and will make it up to you as soon as I am back on my feet. now health wise my doctors here are treating me great that is one of the reasons I moved here, my Doctor found a few other things wrong with my feet that have been causing me my pain . they want to remove two of my toes, I have decided not to do this instead I am keep taking medication hoping it will fight the infection in my left foot. until my open wound heals and infection goes away for 1 more month I am staying off my feet as much as I can. My doctor has told me yes I can go to the race track and take photos but if my foot hurts me and pain is to bad to go rest and put foot in the air I went to NHRA Big O tires race but I took it easy and went and rested my feet, same at Jegs Open I went 4 hrs one day spent 2 hrs of that in tower with feet up. went 1/2 a day to SEMA used to go 3 1/2 days. I was at NHRA LUCAS OIL RACE 2 hrs Thursday, 4 hours Friday Sat 0 Sunday which is today I may go for a couple hours due to I got to pick up my prescriptions from Nellis pharmacy .. I will be in Southern Ca. for a Trip to Long Beach to see my Doctors there at V A L B my outside the V A Primary Care Doctor in Newport Beach & my Outside V A Foot Doc. for 2nd Opinion in Tustin. I will visit with my Folks, Dau. Jessica & Grand Dau Corrine . I want to thank all my Family and Friends who have been helping me threw this! I want to also Thank my Girlfriend Eileen who has been taking care of me threw my health issues! Hello Welcome to 2012 Folder with 2012 Photographs taken by myself James Drew or for
By Roger Rohdanz, Bob S. Jon LeMoine, Ken S. Marty R.
I no longer have any partners at I am now being helped by the above people who are my friends. each person has been paid on their photos and are property of James Drew Photography & each Photographer.
we do motor sports photography NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series, PSCA Pacific Street Car Assn. SCEDA, So Cal Pro Gas Assn So Cal Super Comp & Top Comp Assn. NHRA Heritage Series Drag Races & other Drag Races and other photo shoots for all your needs be it a private party to weddings . we cover racing events for different automotive magazines and web sites. you can purchase all photographs that we shoot except those that do not allow us to sell.
James Drew is the Track Photographer at AAA Auto Club Dragway at AAA Auto Club Speedway & AAA Auto Club Famoso Raceway

if anyone besides those listed say they work or are selling photos for us they do not and are no longer working with us. All Past Photographs here from past years have been paid for by us for the use of those photos & have been paid for by Check or Cash at each past event and are the property of James Drew Photos. you can contact us at the following phone 949 645 2606 or e mail or
Note We Only take Credit Cards threw Account this is a secure way for yourself and us so all your credit card info is done threw this Secure Bank

AAA 54th March Meet 2012 Auto Club Famoso Raceway
Hello Racers been Sick my C O P D has been acting up bad Lung having trouble Breathing been to hospital Bad Lung infection.. do not have energy to do anything !1 Sorry I am working on sorting them since leaving hospital but having this trouble breathing!! I am still in Vegas going to try going home tomorrow! James

I Spent the last two day at the E R Room at Nellis A F B Hosp they have given me some of the best care over past two week and my last 2 trips to E R Cpt & Lt and Majors did great care changed my Antibiotics and put me on stronger Steroids More breathing treatments n tested for air born spores at in 50 to 70 mph being carried here in Vegas and Bakersfield such as Dale Pulde got Valley Fever My Doctors
do not think this what I have! Again I want to Thank all the Doctors, nurse's and enlistted Folks who have worked to get me I hope on the road to being healthy! God Bless you All

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2012 March Meet test & tune
Hello Racers and fans the 2012 edition of the March Meet is coming soon !! Some racers got their cars out and made a few runs down the qtr mile 1320 feet ! 14 Nitro cars came out Brad Thompson was the quickest & Fastest AA/FC and in Top Fuel Jim Murphy had quickest & fastest runs. their were a lot of door cars Hot Rod and all the gas classes ! Blake says the event race will have 30 + AAFC and 20 Top Fuelers A/Fuel & Jr Fuel boys should have it least 8 cars ea. A/Gas down should be full fields as will NE 1 2 3 & Pro 7.0 . Their were a load of new Mustangs & Shelbys, one new Camaro but best package how about a 11.58 in a Brand New GT Fine tuning, gears, headers all bolt ons New Cam too still had the paper plates on car. a few new Vettes too! Note if you made a Pass We got it least one photo of your car going down the strip at AAA Auto Club Famoso Raceway !!See ya at the March Meet
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Copyrigfht-1972- 2011 -JamesDrewPhotograpghy
Pre season Testing Las Vegas Motor Speedway The Strip

These are on my other computer which stopped working! Will be up Soon I hope!!

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