2007 Lucas Oil Series S-St Super Gas Vol II Auto Club Dragway

I will be shipping all orders thru USPS Priority Mail With Del. Conf.... Here are pricing for photos 8x11 1 to 9 $15.00 ea. 10 or more of same image $10.00 11x17 1 to 4 one Photo $30.00 ea. 5 or more $25.00 ea. 11x17 Multi Pictures added to main image extra depending on how many images to be added! e mail me at drewphoto@aol.com Thanks James D

1 to 4 $45.00 ea. 13x19 5 or more 36.00 1 20 x 30 60.00 ea.

Photo Discs Full size image You get all said rights to image meaning you can make as many prints yourselves or use image for Adds Etc. $100.00 ea. per disc so if there is 10 photos you get all ten or if two that is what you get. these are the images raw no color correction etc that is extra! Down sized images for use on web site included is extra charge.

PLEASE We NEED THIS INFO to get your order correct. if you know how find image right click on the image after you open it and copy URL and e mail this info with your order.This is best way or do the below!
example! Below This is from last year http://public.fotki.com/1320Sherlock/2006_pre_season/blast_off_nhra_pre/

Page # Row # Image # under each photo Please give us Brief Description of your race car. All Orders S & H $5.50 up to 1lb all Photographs Ship U S Priority Mail W / Del Confirmation # Please mail payment Can be made by Money Order Cashiers Check Personnel check Must Clear account before Shipping We do take Credit Cards threw Pay Pal Account 1320collectibles@sbcglobal.net or drewphoto@aol.com

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