H9YC400003 - 1959 Lincoln Hess and Eisenhardt Limousine

This is my limo that I Ebay'ed in February of 2003. It had sat for several years in Winter Park (Orlando), Florida. At some point after it was taken out of service a rat took-up residence. Other than the damage the rat did, the car is in good, solid, original shape. It is the earliest known '59 Lincoln in existance and possibly the first such H&E limo. It lacks certain standard features and may be the publicity car accidentally photographed with '59 Premiere hubcaps.


Light of day.

A large portion of the vinyl top unexpectedly blew off after getting on the expressway out of Orlando. Though already compromised, exposing the roof also began a rapid amount of deterioration once it was exposed to the atmosphere.

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Uploaded: March 04, 2006