Atlantic Motorsport Park: 1974

Atlantic Motorsport Park, near Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, opened in 1974 and the Players Formula Atlantic race was held there on Aug 18, 1974. I had recently diverted from drag racing and became interested in sports cars as a close friend owned a 1964 MGB. So, we, my wife to be and myself, were rookies attending our first sports car event. Did I tell you the race track had just been completed and there was much rain the day of the race? I did some homework and knew a few of the names to watch; Brack, of course, James King, Klausler, Howdy Holmes and numerous Canadian drivers with Craig Hill and Gary Magwood my favourites. The races were interesting, viewing them was not. We had no rain gear but we did manage to find garbage bags to wear. I enjoy photography but these were the worst conditions yet in which to photograph.The crucial moment came when I had to change film; the film got wet, stuck together and the horizontal lines are the result. Kodachrome 64 is not ideal for stopping action on dark days so quality is non existant. BUT, the subject matter is another thing; besides the locals and the import racers, I did not know at the time but the driver of the blurry #13 Schweppes car was Gilles Villeneuve. I did some homework and he had an interesting month just to be able to race in Halifax. Can someone confirm that is Gilles standing at the left on the awards stage? I intend to post race info for the 1974 Formula Atlantic race here at this in progress album, soon.


awards time atl race amp aug 1974

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