Sorry, already sold
Things I have build but had to sell
albums: 3
Capital Sci-Fi Con
Our display at the "Non profit" event in aid of C.H.A.S.
Children's Hospice Association Scotland
With my good friends, Rob, Doug, Carl, Keith and Donald
albums: 4
Very sadly I have to sell some of my models.
albums: 2
Star Wars
albums: 1
Space 1999
Eagle / tank / U.P. and so on
albums: 18
All UFO models
albums: 7
Captain Scarlet
All captain Scarlet models
albums: 4
All RAMCAT builds + extras
albums: 2
Wagon 18
albums: 1
Joe 90
All Joe 90 models
albums: 1
All replica Space Helmets
albums: 3
Battlestar Galactica
All Galactica Models
albums: 3
All other models
albums: 2
Kit Scans and Kit Instructions.
If you have any kit / instructions scans you would like me to host here for you, please let me know and I will credit you with them.
subfolders: 16 and albums: 1
MODELS "ON HOLD" but starting soon
These will be moved to main page when I start working on them . . soon i hope.
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