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1948-1952 Ford F-7 and F-8 "Big Job"

F-7: Conventional (17,000-19,000 GVWR)
F-8: Conventional (20,000-22,000 GVWR)

1948–1951: 337 CID Flathead V-8 (E or Rouge 337).145 hp @ 3,600 rpm in F-7 and F-8 only
1952–1955: 279 CID overhead valve V8 (EAL), 145 hp @ 3,800 rpm in F-7 only
1952–1955: 317 CID overhead valve V8 (EAM), 155 hp @ 3,900 rpm in F-8 only

# 5-speed overdrive, F-7 and F-8
# 5-speed direct drive, F-7 and F-8



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Uploaded: January 11, 2009