Year Two (2008-2009)
I haven't put up any new pics in almost a year. So here you go.:)
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Year One :) 2006-2007
During my four month transition, I wanted to grow my hair out a little to get some length. It was a real headache:( In this folder: -Perm days -Transition -The Big Chop -Natural -January (update) -February (update) -March (update) -April (update) -May-July 2007 (update)
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Experimenting Styles
I really can't do much experimenting at this point, but, hey I try. I also will have some pics of my nieces hair because she is growing out a perm, (which broke some of her hair in the back). So I guess I will do styles on her until I have hair that is long enough to do different styles. UPDATE: Since I have lots of hair growth, I am able to do more styles. I didn't think it would grow that fast.
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Growth comparison
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My Jewelry!
I am just starting this so, be easy. Message me for password
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My Photography
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