Here you will find the wonderful Stallions and Mares of Arabian Place located in sunny California.
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Straight Egyptian bloodstock for your consideration from beautiful Washington State and sunny California.

The results of 40 years of “selective” breeding have become the foundation for our straight Egyptian breeding program today.

Their bloodlines are from the first Egyptian imports and are close descendants of such well known individuals as *Asadd, *Farazdac, *Ansata Ibn Halima, Ansata El Salim, El Hilal, Simeon Shai+, Alcibiades, Moniet El Sharaf, Shaikh Al Badi, MFA Mareekh Amir, El Hadiyi, The Minstril and many of the horses of the 1958 Pritzlaff importation.

Our mare lines are extremely “rare” and avoid fad breeding. To name a few Desert Song RSI, Maarqada, *Bint Dahma, *Bint Nefisa, HIA Sura Moniet, RG Desert Delight, Amani, *Sabah Alb whose blood lines originate from Nasr Marei’s famous Albadeia Stud in Egypt, Soja RSI, *Bint Dahma, Fayette, AK Shakra, *Bint Maisa El Saghira and *Bint Moniet El Nefous. Also, worth mention is the “tail female line” of Helwa to Farida in many of their pedigrees.

DYNASTY EGYPTIAN ARABIANS breed for “classic desert type”, combining outstanding bloodlines exhibiting exceptional beauty and elegance, flawless conformation which allows pure athletic ability.

For more information contact: donaaldrich125@gmail.com or 360-789-6204
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