Fir Island Wildlife Estuary near Conway Washington

Day trip out to see the Snow Geese and trumpeter Swans. Took a walk along the very windy dikes in the estuary enduring watering eyes and runny noses. Saw very few birds. Ended up viewing them from the car along the roadside!

  • 6 years 4 months ago
    IMG 0057-1
    Love the sight of flocks like these. Hopefully they are not close to an airport. Flocks of Canadian geese are causing controversy at Schiphol airport. The farmers didn't think that planting grain instead of flower bulbs next to an airport would make a difference. The grain fields proved to be an open inviation to migrating geese. The number of geese are increasing rapidly. To such an extend that the government is thinking of gassing the geese. Just another example of man's interferance with nature.
    • bamboomary Premium user United States (Private)
      6 years 4 months ago
      No airport near here thank goodness. In the spring many of these fields are full of Tulips but it is also an area where vegetable crops are grown. I feel for the people that live in this area as it is beautiful and attracts tourist nearly all year long. Rubber necking tourists slow the local traffic to a crawl and can make a trip to the grocery store an ordeal.  The Canadian geese can be a problem here as well. They don't seem to migrate like they used too, our weather seems to suit them just fine.