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(Canada, USA, Norway, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, France, Spain, Tunisa ...)

Southwest (1996), Northwest (1999)
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British Columbia + Alberta (1994, 1999 + 2000)
albums: 2
albums: 2
Barcelona, La Palma, Mallorca
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Bali + Java 2001
albums: 2
Paris (2003), Dordogne (2003), Brittany (1989)
albums: 4
albums: 2
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Norway / Norwegen 1993
Aug 1, 1993

Small collection of scans - some new high-rez, most of them low-rez.

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Israel 1988
Apr 1, 1988

Just a few pictures at the moment.

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Tanzania / Kenya 1992
Apr 1, 1992

I will never forget this vacation - for several reasons. I visited awesome places (Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro ...) and saw a lot of animals (lions, elefants, rhinos, hippos, baboons, giraffes, gazelles, antelopes, zebras ...) in the wilderness. On the other hand I was hijacked on my very first day. The robbers threatened me with a quite big cutlass and took my camera equipment.
Fortunately I had an appointment with a friend of mine one week later. He brought a camera ( ... though without a big telephoto lens). As a result I had to ask a lab to make copies of his color slides for me. Well, the quality of the copies was ... hm .. not outstanding. Quite unnatural colours. Anyway I love the pictures because they remind me of the good old days. So I recently started to scan these old copies. Don't expect top quality.

Just a few scans at the moment - to be continued!

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Tunisa / Tunesien 2005
Nov 1, 2005

One week in Sousse, Tunisa.

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