Celle-Bomann Museum 11.Feb.2012

The Bomann Museum opposite the castle has works by the artist, Eberhard Schlotter, and has exhibitions of local folklore and town history. It houses the Tansey collection, one of the largest, well-known, German collections of portrait miniatures. The Celle Art Museum (Kunstmuseum Celle) with its Robert Simon collection is affiliated to the Bomann Museum. It is the first 24 hour art museum in the world.
In the castle itself is the Residenz Museum, which makes use of its premises and an exhibition to document the princely House of Welf. The Garrison Museum deals with the history of Celle Garrison from 1866 to the present day, whilst the Shooting Museum (Schützenmuseum) in Haus der Stadtmauer is devoted to Celle's shooting club history. The German Embroidery Museum (Deutsche Stickmuster-Museum) in the Rococo Palace in the Prince's Garden documents four centuries of the history of women using, as an example, the craft of embroidery. The work of Celle's Neues Bauen architect, Otto Haesler, is charted by the Haesler Museum. And in the old storage barn (Treppenspeicher) built in 1607, as well as the orangery, built in 1677 for the Institute of Apiculture, an exhibition of beekeeping may be viewed.

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Taken: February 11, 2012
Uploaded: February 11, 2012
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