Danbury RR Museum 1

  • 10 years 9 months ago
    022 NEW DRMS 2-6-0 MOGUL
    i was just wondering of how the status of the 1455 is coming? danbury doesnt have any pics of her yet on the web site. im an ex capecod railroad worker and would loved to see her running again! are there any updated pics that i can find of her at danbury? please email me and let me know how shes coming!
  • Boyd Butler (Private)
    12 years 1 month ago
    We are restoring a Burro at Train Mountian in Oregon for display,it has been reengined with a Dimond T engine am hoping to have it in running cond when done,the boom is in bad shape and would like to find another one or parts also there are other parts needed that cant be fabed so will need things like foot pedels and other minor parts if you know of any let me know,its a 1931 vintage cant read the model tho of it,thanks Boyd