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All about me and my hair journey

The past
Pics of me as a kid transitioning and with my LYE!
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Contains workouts I do and fun and easy ways to keep the weight off!
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Want to See My Hair Grow?

My Hair Stages and More!

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Coffee, Curls & Cupcakes (Natural Hair Gathering)!
Dec 19, 2010

This event took place in St. Louis MO, December 2010!!!

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Still happy AND nappy
Jul 15, 2009

Here are some of my styles I have been trying.

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Hair Updates
Mar 25, 2010

Here are some of the most recent pics of my hair! Sorry 'Ive been away!

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Mar 31, 2009

My hair
26 months natural
36 months relaxer free


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Month 21 (Since my BC)

I am now 31 months free of a relaxer and 21 months natural! My hair is truly flourishing but I love it! It is growing and is very thick.

Sadly I will be hiding my hair again this weekend. My hair is set to go through braiding (MY TWIST METHOD) for another 5-7 months. (About 2-3 rounds of braids).

Please refer to my twist tutorial on my braiding method.

THANKS SO MUCH LADIES for all of your love and support. I have not been able to get to everyone but it is my intent. However life is pulling me and pulling me. So please pray for ya girl!

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Month 15 (Since my BC)

Well this is month 15 since my BC and month 26 since my last relaxer. I just completed another round of braids from 1-15-08 up until 5-20-08. I used coconut oil, Surge spray and a conditioner concoction of my own to preserve my hair. I also faithfully took prenatal vitamins, biotin and vitamin e. I lost no edges and had minimal hair loss!!!!! So this represents how my hair looks post braids and trimming. I trimmed about 3/4 (inch)-1 inch.

I HAVE DECIDED: What I have decided, even though I do not want to is to complete another 3 yes THREE rounds of braids! I want to achieve waist length healthy hair and since these braids have done so well for me I think it is the best thing for me to do. So this weekend, possibly June 1st, I will be braiding again, and will not really "let my hair out" until I achieve my goals!

I'm sure I will take breaks but we shall see!

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Products I'm Trying
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Feb 18, 2008

These will just help me track my growth, both physically and mentally!

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My Version of the 2-Strand Twist (TUTORIAL)
Jan 1, 2008

I have been asked about the type of hair and the method I use for 2-stranding my hair. This is what I do from start to finish!

I am officially 21 months post relaxer and 10-11 months post BC!

1. Spray braids daily with Surge 14 Plus Spray.
2. Use Wild Growth hair oil nightly with a little bit of Brooke's Super Grow.
3. Take Prenatal Vitamins (2) daily.
4. Drink at least 64 oz of water daily.
5. Wash monthly with Dr. Bronner's Tea tree oil (diluted) or cream of nature (diluted).
6. Re-do edges every 4 weeks.

MY GOAL: 3-5 inches in the next 8-10 months, then I believe I will be twisting my own hair forever!

Possible reasons for healthy hair growth (I THINK) ;-)

About my hair growth:
1. Exercise- I am an avid exerciser and the secretions and circulation allow for much growth.
2. I have also been wearing twists for almost a year and a half!!! (I saw about 6-8 inches from this)!
3. I take vitamins: Pure Biotin, vitamin e, prenatals.
4. I keep my hair moisturized with coconut oil, olive oil, and a conditioner. I also use Surge 14 plus which is SUPPOSED to support growth.
5. Most importantly...I try to take in the nutrients needed to support HEALTHY hair growth! I am pretty much semi-vegan eating only chicken, fish, and turkey for meat but I make an extra special effort to take in a great amount of green veggies like spinach and beans, calcium, yogurts and nuts which all support growth!
7. WATER WATER MORE WATER!!!! I drink more than 64 OZ daily!

Thats about it! HTH!

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Month 11-Styles by me (Nothin much)

This is just me moving into my 11th month, trying new things. I will be 1 year completely natural as of March 7th!!!

I've decided that I will re-braid my hair this weekend! I have some heavy stuff coming up, and I don't mind taking care of my hair but I want to keep this health and not offer it the chance to start breaking because I'm busy!!!! I will only be wearing the braids until it get a bit steady and warmer outside.

I've enjoyed this short time with my hair out! But it will be back soon!

I will keep close documentation of my new growth. My goal is to gain 2 inches while the braids are in! (WISHFUL THINKING).......

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The truth about my texture is....
Jan 1, 2008

The truth about my texture is I don't know yet but I'm figuring it out!

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Jan 1, 2008

This album is sooooo special. Though I did my BC 10 months ago, today is the FIRST day I have worn my natural hair! I'm so happy! I received both compliments and stares and I welcomed them all!!!! I am TRULY natural!

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Still Going Strong (A glimpse at months 4-9)
Dec 1, 2007

Well yall.......Nothings changed! I have been braiding my hair since march when I did my big chop and I'm loving it. However I have decided that I will be wearing my hair out starting in March to mark my nappy-verssary, which marks one year since BC and 2 years relaxer free!!!!!

By the way...MY HAIR IS GROWING!!!!! Im embarrassed at the new-growth (not really) but I have caused many others to ask me questions and they have also considered going natural!!!!

And thanks to all the women who have written me! School is kicking my butt right now! I get my Masters next week (12-14) and still won't be slowing down. I am continuing for my Doctorate!!!!! But I promise as soon as a get a minute I will update and return ALLLLLL the love!

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The big chop!!!
Mar 7, 2007

This was my big chop which occured at about 2pm on 3-7-07 after tranitioning a full 9 months. My last relaxer was in the beginning of May of 06 Or the very end of April.

Right after the chop I 2-stranded my hair with extension.

I plan to take great care of these braids and gain more length. So far I am being told that I have quite alot of growth for only nine months. My hair usually grows at a nice to fast pace, so lets pray it continues!!!!!


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It's almost been a month!!!

These are pictures with me and my 2-strands as they are carrying me into my 1 month anniversary since my BC! My hair is still in braids, however I have been oiling my scalp often and using wild growth oil along with olive oil. I have been moisturizing with Elasta QP mango butter thus far. I wash my braids with Dr. Bronner tea tree shampoo, and I actually love the smell.

I really can't wait to play with my hair underneath. It wants out of these braids!!!

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Month 2

Well I have been rebraiding my edges and using my SURGE spray! My hair has been growing like crazy and I am quite impressed!!!

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Month 3

Well I took out the braids and put new ones in all in the same day! I think I must have taken great care of the braids because it sorta looks like I gained more length than my BC pics!!!! Here are some pics of me stretching my hair and some right after I washed my hair. Im excited about my hair! I really did not want to braid it again, but with my busy schedule right now and attempts to gain more length, i thought it was best.

Also many people asked me how I do my braids:
1. I use the kankeleon(sp?) version of the Marley Braid hair.
2. I usually cut the pack of hair in half.
3. I connect and braid the hair about 1/3 of an inch down and then I begin twisting until the end the end.
4. I secure the end of the twist with a perm rod.
5. Finally I dip the rods in boiling hot water and VOILA!!!!

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