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Vote for me for America's Next Natural Model!!!

I believe that Ms. Nappturality possesses the ability to solidify her natural presence in any picture that she takes. She generates an energy, radiates behind any camera lense and is beautiful naturally. All of these qualities are things I possess. I believe in captivating and sharing my natural beauty, whether it be in the presence of my YouTube audience providing tutorials on natural hair styles, or sharing my pictures on my personal website. Ms. Nappturality should motivate those who look at her photos to cultivate their beauty, spoil their natural tresses or encourage them to begin the process of transitioning to them. These are all things I do and aspire to continue to do at a much broader spectrum. In short, I would LOVE to be Ms. Nappturality and continue to carry the torch, showing people how napptural should be done!

So now as you know, I am currently in the running for America's Next Natural Model. If you are able to find time, please head over to the site, register and vote for me. Go to the site:

You will have to register in order to vote, however, registering is absolutely free!!!

You must actually click on the stars to vote. Also leave measages if you desire!

Thanks soooo much for your support!

View the YouTube video here:

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