Transitioning Weeks 2-8

These are some pictures I took 2 weeks after I decided to transition, up to the point where I chose to get twists put in.....Enjoy!

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Weeks 9 - 15

Starting Week 9 I got my two-strand twists done. I plan to wear them until they are all falling out of my head...LoL...hence the "?"...

I am going to keep getting the edges redone by my mother as need be. I'm not really concerned with the middle as I normally wear them in a variation of buns and ponytails and the middle is rarely exposed. As of right now (6/08/09) I have had them in for 5 weeks.

I've washed them once..and suffered a 4 braid I'm probaby not going to be doing that as frequently as I first anticipated...LoL..

When I start to miss my own hair, I take out a few (where it can be easily hidden) and see where my growth is at. I'm expecting great growth when I finally do decide to take them out. We'll have to see just how long that is...

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Relaxed Hair...

I have had my hair relaxed since the age of 5. The reasoning behind my mother making this decision was NOT so that she could manage my hair better, she had no problem doing that, but because my hair was so thick that I consistently had sores. My scalp could not breath and became very foul smelling, to the point where my pediatrician gave two options --

(1) Thin it out...

Hence the relaxers....

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Week 15 - July 6th (Week 17)

SoOoOoO...I finally took out those twists....and I wore cornrows for Weeks 15-17 (my current week), and took those out July 5th. I also colored my hair black again and flat ironed it..which you will see in the album also (it's grown!).

I wore my hair flat ironed for 1 day (July 6th), however, FL weather is rather muggy and rainy now and it didn't last...SoOoO...

I am currently wearing a pony tail (the last few pics) and will probably do so for the next few weeks until the back of my head gets sore or I find someone to do my twists again...which ever comes first :o)

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Transition - Months 5-6 (Aug - Sept)

SoOo...It's been half a year!!

Honestly..I have thought about chopping it off...but I will DEF not be doing so until @ least March (which will make 1 year of transitioning)...

Disclaimer: In all the pictures titled "Ecostyler Gel," My hair was not fact...I was just about to co-wash it to put it back up in a ponytail after 3 days wearing... So there is build up to the HILT and my hair was not feeling it!! (what was I thinking!!) None the less...I still posted the pics.... :o)

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Big CHOP!! (Feb.27.2010)
Feb 27, 2010

I went against original plans and did my BC on Feb. 27th. I had decided that I was going ot do it on May 8, which would have been 14 months of transitioning, but I had grown sick of the twists, and when I wasn't able to get something different done, I decided it was time to have MY hair back.

At first, I was a little self conscious. I loved my hair, but it took some getting use to, especially after being use to seeing long hair on my head (or "longer" hair..even with the bob) my whole life. However, once the first week was over...I was good to go!

There are only 1 or two pictures in this album because I didn't really take pictures the night I cut it, but I did make a video which you can find under the "My Videos" tab.


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Natural Month 1 - "Adapting"
Mar 1, 2010

It's been 1 month already (Today actually [3.27.10]!! My hair has already grown (front portion now touches my top lip, where it only came to the bulb of my nose before). I'm loving & learning new things about my hair everyday.

I use a lot of different products due to the fact that I had PJism through my transition and I'm trying to get rid of those products before I stock up on "staples."

I do have a love for Kinky Curly Products and in most pictures, that's what I have used to style my hair. However, Giovanni Direct Leave-In and Ecostyler Olive Gel give me the same type of look. However, I just can't get style longevity with Ecostyler (2 days vs 4-5 days with KCCC/KCKT/KCSS)

I wear my hair primarily in wash and gos, however, I use a diffuser because I don't like going out with a wet head most of the time. I have learned that my hair despises heat and any heat setting leads to SERIOUS frizz, so I only diffuse my hair on the "cool" setting. This gives me the same results as air-drying.

I sleep with a satin pillow. As my hair gets longer, I will be able to "fluff and go" without wetting my hair. But right now, it gets too flattened to work with (but less than with the bonnet)

I'm still looking for a good moisturizer, so if any of you can give me some would be GREATLY appreciated! :o)

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Natural Month 2 through ?

I'll just keep adding photos here until I decide to make a new album...

Then I'll fill in the "?" I got this natural hair thing down pat (LoL). I love my hair...definitely should have gone natural sooner :o)

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Hair Recently...

Hello Everyone,

So I have been slacking on actually posting pictures on here, but I'm going to try to improve on that in the near future.

I am still a WNG girly. I've tried a twist out again and had success! So I was happy about that. But are the pictures, let me know if you have any questions so on and so forth :o)

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