Natural Month 1 - "Adapting"

It's been 1 month already (Today actually [3.27.10]!! My hair has already grown (front portion now touches my top lip, where it only came to the bulb of my nose before). I'm loving & learning new things about my hair everyday.

I use a lot of different products due to the fact that I had PJism through my transition and I'm trying to get rid of those products before I stock up on "staples."

I do have a love for Kinky Curly Products and in most pictures, that's what I have used to style my hair. However, Giovanni Direct Leave-In and Ecostyler Olive Gel give me the same type of look. However, I just can't get style longevity with Ecostyler (2 days vs 4-5 days with KCCC/KCKT/KCSS)

I wear my hair primarily in wash and gos, however, I use a diffuser because I don't like going out with a wet head most of the time. I have learned that my hair despises heat and any heat setting leads to SERIOUS frizz, so I only diffuse my hair on the "cool" setting. This gives me the same results as air-drying.

I sleep with a satin pillow. As my hair gets longer, I will be able to "fluff and go" without wetting my hair. But right now, it gets too flattened to work with (but less than with the bonnet)

I'm still looking for a good moisturizer, so if any of you can give me some would be GREATLY appreciated! :o)

  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    5 years ago
    I love it too! One of the best mo-haukd that ive seen w/o braiding or shaving the sides.
    • Daniela (Private)
      5 years ago
      (me comment above lol)