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Product Reviews!!!!

I figured a visual was better than reading a long list. These are the products i use, have tried, & hate. I'm working on finding a set of products &sticking with them.

Don't Touch:)

Reshma Henna

I don't have a problem so much with the application process, it's when i have to wash it out where the problem occurs. It's such a long and tedious process. Over all... after rinsing, my hair is dry like too dry, BUT i do notice a lot less halo frizz, smoother hair & ENDS which i love , stronger hair &obviously the auburn-brown color it gives off. I will continue to use later on in my hair journey, but ill probably try other mixtures to get more conditioned hair once its rinsed.

I also tried this with amla powder &i didn't notice anything different

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Uploaded: April 28, 2009
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  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    2 years 10 months ago
    Light Mountain, Surya, Rainbow or Henna King didn't work for me (dye gray in black hair).  The two step process is the only effective
    (henna first then indigo) method.  Get henna and indigo from Morocco or Greece.  In India, they spray everything because they love it and it's cheap in India.  I think that's why people who use henna from India have allergic reactions (itching, etc).
    Also, India doesn't have any organizations who certify ORGANIC products.  i.e.  there is no such thing as CERTIFIED ORGANIC or even organic if it's grown in India.  Morocco is part of European they can be trusted
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    3 years 7 months ago
    how can i apply henna? i really dont get this.
  • 4 years 1 month ago
    Did your hair turn color? I JUST finished applying this and my hands are orange. So now I'm wondering...
    • funton (Private)
      4 years ago
      I have used this brand for several years, you must use gloves when applying henna. For black hair you should use yoguart, an egg, olive oil and an essential oil to the mixture with a half of cup of warm tea. Make sure you have sifted the henna powder prior to mixing. Let henna sit overnight in a warm place and apply to hair as always. I cover with a plastic cap and let sit at least four hours. Check out this site for more instructions.