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Natural: 12-24 months

After September 5, 2010...

*Earthy Natural* Do Not Steal My Pictures!
Months 12-16

Documenting months 12-16 of being natural. Enjoy!

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  • *Earthy Natural* Do Not Steal My Pictures!
    Months 16-20

    March - May 2011.

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  • *Earthy Natural* Do Not Steal My Pictures!
    Months 20 - 24

    May 2011 - September 2011. These pictures are documenting the months leading up to being 2 years since I did my big chop...

    *~*~*~*~*~* June Kinky Twists Extentensions Update *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    This is day 4 with my kinky twists and I am ready to take this out!!!!!

    ((( Deep breath ))) Short of starting a blog, I figured I'd just express my POV on itchy scalp and extensions right here. Ok, so I've never really handled wearing weave well for long periods of time. When I say long, I'm talking bout by day 5 I'm ready to take corn rows, pig tails, box plaits, braids, whatever --- OUT! For this reason, I rarely get extensions, especially braided styles. I used to think that my 3 younger sisters could all just endure 8 - 12 (not even exaggerating here) weeks of weave effortlessly, and I was the only sister who would whine and fuss by the end of week 1.

    Until I saw a video on YT by Shima --->

    I never once questioned WHERE synthetic hair originated and she makes some very good points about the ingredients of synthetic hair. Maybe all along, my scalp was just communicating to me that something just ain't right with what the hair is made of, thus the non stop itching and irritation....I'm just saying that this got me thinking and seeking out more information...The thought of plastic roughly intertwined with my now natural strands has me kinda paranoid of ever repeating an extension process...ever...

    Thanks for listening! Check out her video -- makes you wonder...

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