Cam / Timing Belt replacement

How to replace the Timing Belt, Water Pump, Tensioning Roller, and Tensioning Dampener on the Mk1 | Audi TT 225 Quattro | AMU.

The complete writeup is posted here:

A Timing Belt Replacement kit was purchased with all the necessary parts including Timing Belt, Water Pump, Tensioning Roller, Tensioning Dampener, Ribbed (accessory) Belt, and Replacement Engine Mount Bolts.

Timing Belt kit purchased from -

Tools recommended include:
Bentley Publishers Audi TT Service Manual (book or CD), Torque Wrench (3/8" drive recommended), Floor Jacks (2 minimum), Jack Stands (3 minimum), Tool Set including ratchet / extensions / wrenches / metric sockets (various lengths) / hex bit sockets / torx drivers / allen wrenches, Wheel Chocks (2), Small Clamps, and a digital camera to document your progress in case you need to go back and review how it was originally installed.

Supplies recommended include:
3 Liters of VW/Audi G-012 Coolant Antifreeze, 3 Liters of Distilled Water, 1/2-gallon size clear plastic pitcher (for mixing distilled water and Coolant), 1 Liter of VW/Audi G-004 Power Steering Fluid (a lot less is needed), Loctite high temperature Threadlocker, Bucket & Hose to drain coolant (hose ID approximately 10mm), Shop Towels/Rags, Plastic Bags, Zip Ties, Rubber Stoppers (to plug coolant and power steering hoses), Marking Pen (Red China Marker), and an Abrasive Pad (ScotchBrite).

- Recheck and verify Coolant level until satisfied. In total I added 4 ½ quarts. A chart of Antifreeze Protection Levels can be found on Bentley Manual page 03-26.
- Check Power Steering fluid reservoir after driving vehicle.

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Blue TTop

Remove Tensioning Roller

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