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Transitioning 2008-2009

I stopped relaxing in July this year. I havent had the oppurtunity yet take pictures of my hair texture. I plan to transition for a 1 year up to 1 year and a half. I have some plaids in now I will take a picture of them and when i'm gettin them out as well. Next week I will have photo's in here.

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April (9th month)
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January (6th month)
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December (5th month)

This month I wore a braid out for a week. After that i washed and flat ironed my hair because i had an presentation for school. The day after I got in braids again. Next time I would love to have a weave maybe we'll see. For now I'm happy with my braids

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November (4th month)

I wore indviduals plaits for 5 weeks. Braiding is my protective style during my trasitioning. You will see the growth I've got after 18 weeks of not relaxing.

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