AMT Meyers Manx - surf buggy

This is the second AMT Meyers Manx kit I've built. The first one was more off-road oriented, and while I was building that one, I decided I wanted to do a street version. The theme at our club's contest this year is "Surf, Sand, & Sun", so I decided to build this one as if it was geared up for a day at the beach. It's the recent reissue AMT Meyers Manx, done box stock with the exception of:
Goodyear Rally GT tires from an old AMT kit;
Scratchbuilt distributor and plug wires;
Fuel lines from fuel pump to carbs;
Surfboard from Revell 37 Ford pickup and sewing thread "rope";
Resin copies of a parts box toolbox, blanket/sleeping bag, and cooler, with a wire handle added to the cooler.
The paint is Testor's Boyd Orange Pearl enamel airbrushed and cleared with rattle can Rustoleum clear. Wheels are brush painted Tamiya gloss white. I used the Molotow chrome pens on the rollbar, steering wheel center, rear license plate mount/light, front and rear bumpers, and to touch up the chrome around the headlights, parking brake, and gear shift. I also used it on the seatbelt hardware, hood emblem, and for license plate bolt heads after the plates were glued on. The rollbar shows some wear and tear from handling during mockup, and there are some brush strokes on the rear skid pan, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the pens.

2017 Eric Stone