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2011 No Heat Challenge

I didn't attain WL Dec 2010 as I had hoped, so my 2011 albums is for documenting my growth to WL. Thank you so much for the beautiful comments and for always signing my guestbook. Please continue to encourage me to take good care of my hair. I will be watching you for tips. I will not be able to respond to every comment as in the past but I will do all that is possible to answer your questions. I have really appreciated the support from all of you and of course I will be watching your hair and sharing your happiness.....Grow Long and Beautiful! Yours in Healthy Hair, CheveuxNoir

2011 Hair Goals check in...

My GOAL is stick to the challenge that I joined in 2010....(I have altered it, un peu, for me)

Here are the RULES: (from LHCF)
1. No Direct Heat (Hooded Dryer is acceptable).(I modified).. flatiron only 1x p/y ...
2. No Trimming (Dusting is allowed)
3. Protein Deep Condition 1 x p/m, C0-wash weekly in cold weather.
4. Wear Only Protective (Buns, Bantu, Braids, Twists, ) or Low Manipulation (Braidouts, Rollersets, etc.) styles while straight or curly

My new challenge will have 4 sessions:
Session One: Winter 2010 (MBL - achieved)
Session Two: Spring April 2011

Session Three: Summer 2011
Session Four: Fall - Dec 2011 (WL- achieved Dec)

( I will be very strict and bun, DC and use no heat to reach goal of TBL Dec 2011)

Those who make it through all 4 sessions will reap the greatest hair reward!

(start 2010 ... WaistLengthChallenge/6inchesOfGrowthChallenge.......ONGOING!!)

of course drink more's excellent for the growth of our hair because the papilla has nerves and is made up of approximately 90% water.

MY ULTIMATE GOAL TBL: I look forward to my apprentissage in healthy hair retention...I welcome any and all comments, my journey started July of 2009...

Yours in Healthy Hair,

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1 year younger...Life is a Journey 2011....winter increase in thickness

"In the Winter I will try to wear my hair in hair protective styles (like braids, twists, buns with two sections, etc.) since I joined a challenge http://glamswagger.blogsp...9qMo#c3500279628105705391 I will also co wash & detangle once a week. DC once per month. To maintain moisture; spray my hair with a leave in mixture (water 75%, conditioner 25%) and seal with coconut oil/ EVOO/ jojoba or shea butter

Winter=Increase in thickness
Spring=Growth increase
Summer=Growth spurt

advice from

product to try..

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2nd HENNA March 2011

I waited much longer than I anticipated to do my second henna. My white highlights are showing again I am really excited about this application since I will be putting on myself. I used 300 grams this time and 1 cup of coffee + 1/2 cup conditioner HHC, + 2 caps of apple cider vinegar just in case the coffee wasn't enough acid.. I wanted to see if the henna color would be different with the coffee...a little redder, but I LOVE IT.

I may give the amla a try

I am dreading the process but the outcome is always beautiful....

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spring 2011 =growth increase

"In Spring It is recommended to enjoy my hair for a bit with rollersets or whatever style hits I like, I know that I will have a good amount of growth... "

Spring=Growth increase

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April - Aug 2011

I have almost reached most of my hair goals for this year, next year my focus is keeping the length. To get to the next growth phase I have to be very gentle since my hair has never been this long before and neveeeer hpl (next goal)

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summer 2011 growth spurt

"In the Summer new growth hits with a vengeance. Increase deep conditioning and co-washing and stick with textured styles. Add in protein treatments to ensure that there is no breakage and do not use a lot of product. Usually this season should consists solely of braid-outs, twist-outs, and bantu knot-outs in different forms. Also make sure I don't experience damage from the sun.Be as gentle as possible when detangling, to ensure breakage does not occur"

Summer=Growth spurt

....modified advice from

16 august is my 2nd year that i started healthy hair growth with fotki. Chicoro was the first natural that I saw and she convinced me that it was possible to grow our hair longer. Here we are two years later....What do you think?

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Autumn Leaves (Les feuilles morts) 2011

"It is recommended in the Fall season to wear protective styling. Since the hair is in a resting phase and is not growing much at all, try to protect all the length and thickness that you have retained that year by protective styling. In ensure that I am taking my vitamins daily and drink plenty of water, changing my focus from external to internal"

Fall=Resting stage for hair

....advice from

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UPDATE ending year 2011

my computer crashed at the end of October so some of these photos I'm not exactly sure of the month. You can see the growth...right??

.....Thank you for your constant support.

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