International Speaker
As of Sunday, March 11th, 2018, I have officially become an International Speaker.
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Europe and Travels
I re-created a travels folder so that it can be at the top. It is hard to see it at the bottom of all my listed folders. I hope you are inspired to do some travels of your own whether that be at home or abroad.
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This folder will be used to document moments of happiness in my life.
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Raw Food 2018
I've know this for awhile but don't share it because it is unpleasant. When doctors want to determine and see where the cancer is in the body, they give people a drink with sugar in it. Cancer cells gobble up the sugar drink faster than the healthy cells. Cancer thrives and grows with sugar. The 'sugar water' contains an isotope that can be scanned and seen. This is called a P.E.T scan.

Although I've changed my diet radically from when I was a teenager, I still could make more changes. But as more and more Black women are succumbing to cancer, and we tend to have the Triple Negative kind that can't be treated 'conventionally', it has begun to weigh heavily on me again.

I am considering going fully raw, with the addition of a cottage cheese like food, cooked lentils, cooked spinach and corn tortillas as my only cooked foods. Green juices wreak havoc on my teeth in that the acid smooths my teeth down as if I were drinking carbonated soda. But, I've got a new protocol in place for my teeth, that I've had for about four years 4. So, I can go back to the juicing and maybe use straws, too.

The other issue is I get too skinny. I drop down to about 102 pounds. I can't go lower than 100. After that I look ill. So, I have to make sure I eat enough nutrient dense foods.
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Hair Care
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Raw Food 2013
A Few Initial Tips for those New to Raw:

Revisiting Raw Food in 2013. The first week you MAY feel exhausted. Assuming you are getting enough to eat, your body may be assimilating the nutrients it needs. Before, it may have not been getting what it needed. So, as it processes its 'unexpected' bounty of nutrients, your body may be so ecstatic that it exhausts itself with its unexpected windfall of nutrients. Try to get EXTRA rest, more than usual. Be gentle with your body, with yourself.

Pay SPECIAL attention to your teeth. You may be eating softer foods than usual with natural sugars: carrots, fruits, etc. GUARD your teeth. Brush them AFTER every meal. Rinse if you can't brush. Carry a bottle of mouthwash with you for those rinses. Brush, floss and rinse with a wash after each meal ideally.

When you get hungry, it won't be, "I think I might be hungry" kind of feeling. Be prepared. Set those expectations. Your hunger is going to come strong, hard and fast with raw food.

It's like your stomach drops to 'empty' and all of a sudden you are RAVENOUSLY as if you are STARVING got to get something to eat before you pass out- HUNGRY. That is why you want to ALWAYS have something raw at your fingertips so when this feeling comes, you can ward off the hunger until you can get to a place where you can have your next raw meal. After you have been raw for a bit, you start to learn how long a raw meal will last for you. Then you will be better able to time when you need to have the next meal, before this crazy kind of hunger hits you. BUT be warned. It can take anywhere from a few days, weeks or months before you figure out how to get some food before that 'crazy' empty feeling hits.

NEVER ever make a 'new' raw meal recipe to eat, WHEN you are hungry. Why? If it comes out nasty tasting or not right, you are going to get ANGRY. Then you will get frustrated and then you will quit. Save the new recipes for when you are full, as in not hungry, relaxed and have time to dabble into a new recipe.
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Raw Food 2017
Keeping My Promises To MYSELF:

I have decided to get back to my raw food and self-care. I'm starting to be extra wrinkly around my eyes. I'm dehydrated. My little joints are bothering me and my personal joy is not where it can be. All of these are positively impacted and improved by raw food and increasing my water. My eye whites are also starting to get that dingy, murky, brown color again. My skin is a bit mottled and very spotty, too. I get brown colored, hormonal patches near my temple areas on either side of my face. When I eat better, they fade better. Wheat, sugar, dairy and processed foods. I let "LIFE" knock me off track EVERY year. I like tracking with Fotki.
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Raw Food 2008
The hardest struggle I have had with raw food was maintaining my weight. I always lost too much and looked very bad and thus, felt bad.

My biggest epiphany and break through happened when I went to visit my mom in December 2007. She looked me up and down and said, "You look good!" My mother also encountered a 50+ year old African American vegan in the store and she hasn't been the same since. She said that he looked incredible.

She always told me I was too skinny. I finally got it and have made raw work for me.

In two separate incidents, I met my uncle at a restaurant and he said,"It looks like [Chicoro] has gotten bigger around the hips. Her waist is the same size [small size though]".

Another cousin said as I came through her house, "Looks like [Chicoro] put on some weight." They said it in such a way as to be very approving. It's nice when people notice and applaud your efforts. Had they not been approving, I still would have kept on my path anyway!

For me this amazing because these are Southern people. Thick is healty in their minds. For the most part, my people in my family who made these comments are over weight. But, they never commented on my body before because they thought I was just too skinny. They seemed to be very pleased with how I looked in December.

The kicker is that I had been raw for two straight months, 60 days, before my visit. I had had no animal products and nothing cooked -except my corn tortillas!

I am not completely raw right now, but I have bought my groceries and I am going back 100% starting today, again. (Feb 24th, 2008)
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Self Care
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Kefir Grains- A Great Probiotic (LIVE Enzymes!!!! for Pennies)
Kefir is a fermented food that adds healthy bowel flora to intestines, and stabilizes digestive function.

Kefir grains are a culture of healthy bacteria and yeast, which can live indefinitely. Because it can establish healthy bowel flora, it is beneficial in preventing many gastro-intestinal disorders.

Kefir is a complete protein. Fermentation increases the amount of vitamins. Kefir is an excellent source of B12 and is high in vitamins B1 and B6 (page 394).
Kefir creates enzymes that can be asborbed as healing forces.
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Water Filters
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