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Hair 2018
The Year of Tailbone Length Hair!!!!! If I get a minimum of 4 inches in the back, that will put me at 25.5 inches. That will put me beyond tailbone, almost at the middle of my behind. I got 4 inches in 2017. I hope to get that in 2018 as well.
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Hair 2017
I'm going for as many inches as I can get in 2017. I am doing protective styling with wigs, head wraps, baggy and phony ponies. I am using Xcel 21 (Old Surge), my homemade sulfur oil and vitamins. I have to either use protective styling, or else I lose length. My current length is 22 inches in the front and 21 inches in the back.

My Regimen for 2017:

Wash 1x per week with baby wash
Deep condition with homemade coconut milk/cream conditioner under dryer, with wet towel to steam
Drench with leave-in (Infusion/Conditioner/Water/Aloe/Oil/Essential Oils/Protein Filler)
Put Hair in 8 Plaits
Cover hair from root to tips with whipped Shea Butter (Shea/Cocoa butter/Coconut oil/Peanut oil/Olive oil/Essential oil of lavender)

*Put sulphur oil with peppermint essential oil on scalp daily
*Aphogee 2 Step every 6 to 8 weeks (every 2 months)
*Put braids in bantu knots and keep covered with a plastic cap
*Clarify with Karo Syrup mixed into my Babywash shampoo

Every thing is natural except the Infusium, Aphogee and the Xcel-21

Revamp (October 15th, 2017)
-Prepoo my Deep Moisture Method (aloe vera, essential oils, oil, glycerin on dirty dry hair, then go back over with coconut oil)
-Skip Commercial Shampoo (X it out!)
-Use Coconut Conditioner, change it to a cleansing conditioner (Sit under heat)
-Coat with Scurl, protein?, and Shea Butter Mix

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Grow It! Process
This is a Six-Step Process I use that is independent of ingredients, products, or a product line. You can use it with any regimen. There are six (6) Steps!

Step 1: Detangle
Step 2: Wash
Step 3: Condition
Step 4: Moisturize
Step 5: Protect
Step 6: Grow
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