Only my best Florida Flowers and Palm Trees!
Flowers and Palms! Please comment!!!!!! I need to know what you think!!!!! Comment and sign the guest book!!!!
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Take a look at the pics in my other site
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People, things and stuff!
Enjoy!!!!! Please comment!!!!!! Give a smiley :) Make some kind of Comment! Also sign the guest book!!!!!!!! I like to konw what you like or dont like about the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just a few pics of me!
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2006 Gasparilla Pirate fest!
This is pics of the cobra at a party! The party was next to the parade route! I had lots of fun and met a lot of pretty girls! There was lots to eat and drink!
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Car show pics
I love show cars, and I like to show my own car! (I am sorry if some of the pics are not clear. Some of these pics were taken at almost dark with available light!)
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Winter in Florida?
Yes I have a few winter pics of Florida!
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Florida animals!
I am not to good at doing animal pics but will try to get some nice shots!
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Horse of a different Color!
I love horses too! Check it out!
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Florida Air Shows
Because I love airplanes as much as I do cars this will be my airplane folder! As I visit air shows I will be adding more and more to this folder!
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Microsoft Flight Simulator!
I love to fly in this sim! When I am not able to do the real thing! It is fun and very realistic! Look for new shots in this folder frequently!
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Florida Clouds!!
The albums in this folder will have clouds in it! It should be very interesting! Keep checking back for new!
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Fall Colors
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Key West trip!
My frist trip donw to Key West!
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Sailing in the Winter!!!!
Cobra goes sailing in the winter! Interesting pics as I brave the open seas! (bay area LOL)
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Fair day!!!
My trip to the fair!
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Wall art!
Wall painting that look neat
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Spring is here!!!!
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Georgia U.S.A.
Colors of Georgia in the spring
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2008 Fun n' Sun
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St. Pete Air show
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New foto's
Things that I like!
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Superbowl XLIII
This was my visit to the stadium on the Fri. before the big game the temp was a cool 60F!!!!
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