Naturally Me...2015
I haven't been on here and updated since 2009...I figured hey why not, I might still have some natural friends that pass through here from time to time. ;-)
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Mr. Kitty and Friends
These are pics of my son Mr. Kitty and a few of his friends. Halle Berry and my grandmothers dog Lucy.
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**My Trip to Phoenix, AZ** Finally(lol)

My mom had a conference to attend (NAMEPA) in Phoenix, AZ from April 19 - April 23, 2006. I figured I'd tag along since Phoenix #3 is on my top 10 places to travel this year. I had a wonderful time. It's a very beautiful place. I enjoyed being with my mom we had a great time together. Please click the link to view the movie that I made of my trip, there is music playing to the movie so be sure to have your sound up....:o) ENJOY!!!!!

NEW LINK 6/18/06:

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