Bud Lefevre Spotlight Hobbies Build-Off

Drag racing modeler extraordinaire, 1:1 drag racer. Spotlight Hobbies board poster and all-around great guy Bud LeFevre lost his battle with cancer at 6 a.m. October 20th 2009.
A very sad loss, indeed, for the modeling community and another sad addition to Mark Gustavson's list.
RIP, Bud. You'll be missed.

... I propose that we honor the memory of our good friend Bud Lefevre with a build-off.
I further propose that the subject of the build-off be door-slammer drag cars, since those were Bud's primary modeling interest, and since Bud drove a 1:1 S/S drag car.
It would be easy enough to open it up to ALL drag cars, but I believe narrowing the focus just a bit would make it a more fitting tribute, and something Bud really would have liked.
Additionally, I propose that the posting date be Feb. 20, which would give everyone four months to complete their projects, and also take into account the fact that there's usually not a lot of modeling that gets done during the holiday season

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