Before CG

Little bio about my hair: I've had it natural most of my life. I relaxed it once my freshman yr in high school. I thought the relaxer would make it really straight but it still curled and my hair felt really hard so I never relaxed it again. I didn't have to transition or anything because my hair texture didn't really change. I kept it straight by doing rollers & flat ironing all through high school nobody really new I had curly hair. On the weekends and summers I kept it curly though. Than I moved to FL from NJ and my hair would not stay straight in the fl weather. So I decided to keep it curly I got tried of having to worry about the rain, going to parties & sweating, going to the beach or pool. Pretty freeing :) Although my hair was healthier since I stopped putting heat on it, it still wasn't as healthy as I wanted. These were some of my good hair days I did get them btw just not consistently.

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Since going CG

Since I started CG I'm having Good hair days everyday. I love the way my hair looks 2nd day mainly because that's when it's finally dry. It takes my hair about 6 hours or more to fully dry & I plop for 30mins.
I recently got the hand dry gloves & they reduce my hair drying time greatly without causing frizz & my hair is finally dry 1st day lol. I'm loving the CG method I don't think I'll ever go back to sulfates silicone's & flat iron's.

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