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Special Mentions

This is a collection of places special to us, places that hold many wonderful discoveries, yet places that often struggle through no fault of their own. They are often shunned because of past reputations, reputations kept alive by people that have never been there themselves, yet are all to willing to spread out of date fears and keep them alive. This is our way to try to put some of those wrongs right.

Brewarrina, NSW

Brewarrina is a friendly little town that really makes it easy for the traveler to pull up and enjoy the slow life for a while. It is home to one of the oldest man make structures on the planet, The Fish Traps, an ingenious lay out of rocks in the river which herd fish into calm, warm pools where they can simply be picked up by hand. You can learn all about the history of it from local guides for a very small cost and it is more than worth doing. The supermarket is very cost competitive considering where the town is and the little butcher shop is pretty unique ( I wont say why, go see for yourself! ), their sausages are great, as is the service and price. There are 2 promoted free camps as well as a couple of others if you love camping alone and you keep your eyes open to find them. Don't be afraid to chat to the "locals" the indigenous peoples of the town, they are awesome people and you will learn a lot from them if you take the time to simply say g'day.

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