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Year 3

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June-September 2011

These months were very interesting. Hubby and I found out the day after Father's Day that we were expecting our first born......yaay!!!!! I made 3 years natural in June, We Celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary in September and I made 31 years of age!!!! All I can say is Blessed, Blessed, Blessed!!!!

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October 2011-July 2012

It has been a long time since I've updated!!! Since the last time, I am a new mother and enjoying every moment of it. During my pregnancy, I was able to maintain up keep of my hair. I did mainly wash n go's but did try a few different styles along the way. After my son's birth, I added some color. I celebrated my 4 year natural anniversary on in feels weird to say that!!!!

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August 2012-December 2012

These months were very busy. I celebrated my 32nd birthday and 7 year anniversary in september. God has been really good to us. My son, is the best thing that has ever happened. Our greatest creation:-) Now back to hair: After a while, I had a love/hate relationship with my hair. It was growing so much and I didn't have as much time to do it. I wore a lot of buns during these couple of months and I decided I wanted something new. So on December 28,2012 I decided to do a second BC. My Baton Rouge hair stylist thought that this would be a great length to keep up with. I am loving it!!!!!!

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