All Natural year 1
THOUGHTS: This was a year to remember, from trail & errors to great new discoveries I can truly say it has been one heck of a journey. This year is by far the most memorable, it was a learning experience about my hair;its likes/dislikes, products, and methods that can make or break it. Now that I got that under control I look forward to growing some hair in year two. I would like to thank each and every single sista who helped make this experience easier from your advices, to nice comments/suggestions and more. Being natural would not be the same without my fotki family. I love you all 1.What I learned: ** Being natural means FREEDOM a.) hair loves essential oils -extra virgin coconut oil works best in warmer weather. b.) KBB hair butter for soft ends & twists c.)Do not be afraid to take risks when styling d.) hair-typing does not matter because no two or more heads of hair act the exact same. e.) listen to your hair f.) product junkism is a real diseased, get well soon ;-) I know I'm glad I did. 2.Achievements: a.) found staple products b.) learned different ways to style my hair short c.) learned hairs likes/dislikes 3.***Goal for next year***: a.) Get my summer and colder season regimen down pack with respects to learning and inviting new methods b.) retain as much length as possible!!
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THOUGHTS: Year 2 was FUN year. I mastered how to care for my hair early into second year so I had a chance to experiment with many different styles. I found such a liking to styling that its a hobby. I paused from PS w/ extension challenge, instead I started PS with my hair, this method worked better for me because I didn’t have to miss my hair so much, I was also able to change up my hair more frequently. WHAT I LEARNED: *Time FLIES so enjoy the ride while you can *ACV rinse is part of my regimen on wash days * *Kimmaytube leave in was my lifesaver for dry hair this year. * 2-3 cups of green tea a day is great for the overall body (including hair). *Natural hair is what you make it. Don't be afraid to take risks ACHIEVEMENTS: * Found love in SheaMoister hair line (since i discovered hair milk i haven’t used KT leave in, its great but hair milk is working very well right now) *mastered how to get rid of dry ends *retained length (about 6”) GOALS FOR NEXT YEAR: GROW SOME HAIR!!!!! Learn ways to retain as much length as possible BSL by next nappiversary 8-29-12!!
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year 3
This year came fast. I have been doing alot of ps my hair will be in a ps for my 3rd year nappiversary. I am doing this in hopes of retaining maximum length possible. I will be keeping it in from july to December...will see how that goes. I haven't learned anything new i can truly say i have mastered how to properly care for my hair. I am amazed and proud to say that. Few tips that benefit me: gentle when doing hair 2.dont do hair in a hurry 3.keep hair moisterized and hydrated at all times. 4. PS is your friend Next year my long term goal is due! I cannot believe i am one year away from it..TIME FLIES you would be soo surprised! Next years goal is to reach waist length hair! I can say by december i will probably be at brastrap length hair if not longer so i would say im on track but to be honest i will be happy with midway length hair (stretched ) natural hair requires alot of maintenance and the longer the more headache. If i let me hair grow to WL it will just be too prove to myself that i can. Happy growing all and good luck on your journeys
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