I here you will find product reviews on both old, new and products I am curious about trying. Hope you can benefit from the reviews. enjoy!

Don't touch, its NACHOS!
Hair accessories

hair accessories i use that makes being natural soooo much easier; from styling, to detangling without these tools i would not be able to achieve the looks i come up with.

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Don't touch, its NACHOS!
Old Products
Aug 28, 2009

These are products i purchased after viewing someone's youtube product review page. this person had very long hair in a short period of time so i figured i would follow her regimen.

At that time i was LOST, I didn't even know about hair types (i which that person would have stressed the importance) so like the confused person i was, i purchased every single product that person used thinking my hair would grow as fast as her did!!! HUGE MISTAKE!!!

good thing i was introduced to raw unrefined products and great websites i can find products. Now that I am no longer a rookie, i know all i really need is a great conditioner (which i just add oil to to deep condition), a cleanser, oils, styling product and a good leave in conditioner.

Here are some reviews on these products.

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Don't touch, its NACHOS!
Staple products
Mar 1, 2010

Here are a list of products that I have experimented with that my hair absolutely love.

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