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THOUGHTS: Year 2 was FUN year. I mastered how to care for my hair early into second year so I had a chance to experiment with many different styles. I found such a liking to styling that its a hobby. I paused from PS w/ extension challenge, instead I started PS with my hair, this method worked better for me because I didn’t have to miss my hair so much, I was also able to change up my hair more frequently. WHAT I LEARNED: *Time FLIES so enjoy the ride while you can *ACV rinse is part of my regimen on wash days * *Kimmaytube leave in was my lifesaver for dry hair this year. * 2-3 cups of green tea a day is great for the overall body (including hair). *Natural hair is what you make it. Don't be afraid to take risks ACHIEVEMENTS: * Found love in SheaMoister hair line (since i discovered hair milk i haven’t used KT leave in, its great but hair milk is working very well right now) *mastered how to get rid of dry ends *retained length (about 6”) GOALS FOR NEXT YEAR: GROW SOME HAIR!!!!! Learn ways to retain as much length as possible BSL by next nappiversary 8-29-12!!

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Aug 19, 2011

This is it ladies, the month is finally here. This month I celebrate my two years nappiversary!!!!!! I know you may read this A LOT but I really did not think this month would come. I remember envying sistas who were 2 years plus and thought about how it would feel to be be that far into my journey. 2 years seemed like FOREVER . Now that it's here, I dont know what to think. I am overwhelmed with excitement. I am soo glad I stuck with it. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love every moment of it. It is so great to master all the things I needed to about how to properly care for my hair.

I have made so many accomplishments and still cant believe its me. I am still having an out of body experience. All my goals for this year are achieved and next year its all about growth GROWTH, GROWTH!!! I am currently at armpit length. I am shooting for midway length

For my birthday i chose the style with the hanging braid; it compliment my dress and its edgy, stylish and fierce!! Not as many people as last year b/c i wanted to emphasize the importance of family and how much i value how close we all are. There were a few close friends. The night was fun!!

Ladies stay encouraged. I am 2 years in and im loving every moment of it. AND 2 years came fast!!

happy growing ladies

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Current products

Because i have been receiving lots of questions about my current regimen I decided to make an album about products i use. I will try to be as honest as possible without being bias.

hope this helps some of you, and remember WHAT WORKS FOR ONE MAY NOT WORK FOR THE OTHER.

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month 22 (July)

This month i celebrated my second national afro day!!!

in this album you can expect;

*braid outs


*BAA= big ass afro and many more.


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Month 21 (June)

Its summer break so i let my hair out. I tried braid out on blow dried hair and loved it. All my sisters (except 16 year old) are natural, they too liked it so I tried the braid out on blow dried hair on them!!!

is what I did;

1. washed with dr broners liquid soap

2. deep conditioned with suave humectant

3. ACV rinse to cleanse scalp

4. applied giovanni direct leave in

5. silk element olive heat protection spray

6. Blow dried hair in sections under low heat

6. applied Karen Butter Love and braided



* I dont longer see the use for twist outs anymore; they dont give me enough stretch.

* I am still loving BRAID OUTS

* currently doing PS w/o extensions (mini twists) until my bday.

* 2 more months until my 2 year nappiversary may do PS outside of individual braids extensions. I am thinking of cornrow (posted on this album)

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Month 19 (March)

Days are approaching and hair is growing...I cannot believe I am 5 months away from my 2 years nappiversary, it's unreal!

My hair is at the length I thought it would be on my 2 year mark so I can only imagine where it will be at the 2 year mark.

This month I rocked a few styles, and revisited a few favorite staples then put my braids back in. I switched it up and took a break from kinky braids. I did regular braids and curl the body, I also had it styled in a bob. Long braids are cute but this challenge gets boring!!
I must say, I dreaded putting braids back in this time, it was just not enough time spent with my hair! But its all good, it will all pay off when I achieve the MASSIVE, HUMONGOUS BAA :-)

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Month 18 (February)
Feb 24, 2011

I had braids in majority of this month, I took the out end of the month and found love in braid outs, so u will see lots of that style.
*I learned how to save my braid outs overnite
*Castor oil adds natural shine and softness

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month 16 (December)

Ok not much exciting has happened over the past month but here's an overview;
1. took my braids out after just 6 weeks of having them in, I have purchased a kinky twist brand tht was very cheap and would not stay.

2. My afro is getting bigger,and to my surprise I was able to do a ponytail!!

3. I am loving kimmaytubes leave in mixture, I swear by it. keeps my hair moist all day!!

4. tried samys big curls (see products album) curl creme and had amazing hair.

Hair is back in braids and I am back to the busy life,till next update or on my blog

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Month 15 (November)

Took my braids down and man did I missed my hair.
I finally tried Terrys' tightly curly method ( so lots of texture shots this month;
Bentonite clay treatment
Shampoo w/ KCCC
conditioned with vo5 tea therapy nourishing condish and didn't rinse out

Tried Kimmaytubes leave in recipe and loved it, instead of KCKT i used Giovanni direct leave in condish, that was the only alteration i made.

Breakthrough month for makeup, I have always loved makeup but I am taking time to learn more about how to apply in order to have more range. I am so excited just brought my 120 pallet from bhcosmetics and it offers lots and lots of color so more options for me!

Got 1/2" trimmed, my ends desperately needed it.

****excuse the quality of the pix, most were taken with my camera phone.

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Month 14 (October 2010) haitius until braids come out
Oct 10, 2010

I decided to go on a two (2) years braid challenge, I think its a great way to grow my hair without having to deal with the maintenance and protecting those ends. Two years is a long time and I know I will miss my hair CRAZY so I will give this challenge a try to see how far I get.

I will give my hair rest for a couple of weeks in between taking out and putting the braids back in, during this time I will take lots of pix to see the progress and to update with you all.

Its important to keep the scalp clean and since extensions takes moister out of our hair I plan to double up on my moister regimen. My regimen will go as follows;

1. scalp oil treatments the nites b4 wash days
2.wash weekly ever other day
4. used braid spray and spritz for moister

here is a great link/website that teaches u how to properly wash,cowash and treat hair while in braids the creator of this site was able to grow her hair waist length in just 2 years, the fact that she relaxes is aside the point, its a good method.


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Month 13 (September 2010)

This month i dont have many pix to show since i have my kinky twist braids in. My gurl cali4life got married that was the highlight of the month i will try to get some pix from the wedding up. CONGRATS LT

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Sep 11, 2009

"because sometimes all you need is a little inspiration"-
(everyday new pix of natural beauties are posted)


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