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year 3

This year came fast. I have been doing alot of ps my hair will be in a ps for my 3rd year nappiversary. I am doing this in hopes of retaining maximum length possible. I will be keeping it in from july to December...will see how that goes. I haven't learned anything new i can truly say i have mastered how to properly care for my hair. I am amazed and proud to say that. Few tips that benefit me: gentle when doing hair 2.dont do hair in a hurry 3.keep hair moisterized and hydrated at all times. 4. PS is your friend Next year my long term goal is due! I cannot believe i am one year away from it..TIME FLIES you would be soo surprised! Next years goal is to reach waist length hair! I can say by december i will probably be at brastrap length hair if not longer so i would say im on track but to be honest i will be happy with midway length hair (stretched ) natural hair requires alot of maintenance and the longer the more headache. If i let me hair grow to WL it will just be too prove to myself that i can. Happy growing all and good luck on your journeys

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May & June (months 32 and 33)

I would like to apologize for taking a long hiatus. This year started off with unpleasant surprises. In 2 months i lost an aunt to inflammatory breast cancer she was just 28 yrs old. My neighbor/fam friend died to bile duct cancer shortly after, she was 37 (left behind two kids and a husband). one of my best friends was in a car accident that took the life of her 2 kids they were 9 and 5 yrs old. It was one tragedy after another.

Life is so precious it can be taken away in just a breath and although I know my loved ones are in a better place it is us left on earth who suffer. I ask God to give everyone involved strength especially my friend Erica who have to be remembered everyday that her kids are gone. My heart goes out to everyone.

I would like to give a special thanks to those friends that stay consistent in checking out my page.

As far as my hair goes, up until this month it has been in one PS after another. After taking down my last sew in i discovered that an entire braid had been cut off in my crown area. I freaked out but what can you do? I didn't do it nor can i figure out at what point it happened. It is so disappointing to have something like that happen especially when I pay close attention to the care of my hair. It seems like every time someone else touches my hair I am unhappy with something. I decided to turn to wigs for a change. To be honest I really dislike not having access to my scalp when it itches or sweat in weaves. With a wig i can wash and co-wash whenever i please while keeping my hair in cornrows underneath...besides i want to get comfy with handling my new length.

I will be doing the crown and glory growth technique Wig Regimen w/ a combination of the castor oil challenge. Here is how it works:

1. Sleep in a satin or silk sleep bonnet.
2. wear natural braids under wig.
3. Deep condition weekly
4. clarify hair as needed
5. Drink lots of water daily
6. Hot oil (castor oil mixed with coconut oil) treatment weekly

goal: to retain length.

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Sept. Oct. & Nov. (months 24,25, and 26)

here are some pix from sept to Nov. As always I experiemented with styles and now that my hair is longer i have more flexibility. I plan to do a PS for dec into the new year, will see how that goes. Enjoy

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Don't touch, its NACHOS!
Dec. & Jan. (months 27 and 28)

here are random pix i took between end of nov till jan.

got a few sew in weave as my scapegoat when finals came around,it was a nightmare cus it was dry and matted when i took it down and to make matters worse the braids were done so tightly that my edges were THIN. so as far as sew ins go, major ERROR. I do however take responsibility for not combing out my hair prior to washing FAIL. It was so dry that I thought it was gonna break without water touching it. But u live n you learn.
i achieved the perfect braid out (the secret is tO cornrow)

went to VEGAS BABY!! jan 13-16

I finally straightened my hair!!! it wasn't bone straight but that's progress. I needed a trim BADLY so i had my sister do it.

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