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Pictures of all hair styles done by me ...Mrs Tanya
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27PC Quick Weave

Full head Quick weave on stocking cap

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Uploaded: November 06, 2006
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  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    4 years 3 months ago
    nice work

    • patriciaray (Private)
      2 years 8 months ago
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    4 years 3 months ago
    nice job.
  • amber (Private)
    6 years 7 months ago
    i love how nicely ur tapers lay..i was attempting to do these but i can never get the back to not look wiggy or flat.. if u can give me tips on how to fix this it would be much appreciated
  • suga (Private)
    7 years 1 month ago
    ya make a sistah wanna join a sorority & "step her game up!".... lol... now, i can rock some sew-ins, exts, braids & lace wigs, amongst other things, but your technique with these quick weaves are a pure work of art chickadee!, having said that, i have a few "quick" questions....for now ;0) but do you always wrap the hair underneath or do you braid some client's hair up as well? & if you always wrap the hair, what brand of molding gel do you use and how long does it usually take to dry under the dryer....can you create any of the styles, in its entirety, you have posted up without the use of a "27 piece" hair pack(s) and use regular weave hair on the long weft and cut pieces myself or do you recommend sticking with the 27 piece sets? you use gold bond, the "black stuff" or something totally different?... have you ever needed more that 27 pieces to complete a style?...what's the longest these 27 pieces come in usually?......and lastly, are you able to create "flat" (rhianna type, page-boy, sleek) styles for the top portion of the quick weave or is some sort of height required in order to achieve the best styles for this method of weaving or is the use of a closure better in that case??? i knooooow i have alot of q&a i'm dishin out, and i really appreciate you sharing your blessing.... you're like a breath of fresh h'air' i had to do it!... God Bless.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    7 years 8 months ago
    Hey You do good work!....Im living in cobb county (ga) and I dont know many people out here. I braid hair myself but ive been trying yo learn a few more style since braiding takes up so much time doing it yourself......But I needed someone to do my hair a.s.a.p. so if you could help me out please do!....Thanks so much for the help!

    Sorry Im located in cali but check out she is located in ga., Im not sure what part though...
  • DiVineDeSigns United States (Private)
    8 years 8 months ago
    when you cut your 27pc for the taper do you cut it row by row as you install or after? I had been doing all the cutting after but I found that it is easier to do it the other way. I know the shortest hair is 1" but I like my tapers real close and yours look real close like I like em' just curious to know.

    I install it all first and then I cut. I never thought about doing it as I go....Im so use to doing it this way, that might slow me down. Im already slow when it comes to these quick weaves....Ive started to speed up a lil bit though. I dont know how people can do them In a hour. It almost takes me that long just to put the hair in. I sometimes use the 1'. but i can do the taper part with any length.
  • Dawn (Private)
    9 years ago
    Hi, I stumbled across your page by stumbling across cool-c's little web site. I live in Waterloo, Iowa with a very small amount of Black folks we have about 3-4 major Black stylist the rest white folks who do okay for natural looks. We have a couple of folks who do it out their house, including myself. I mean those that do modern styles. We need help in this town!!! I do what i can as far as ponytails and things like that, but ideas are very limited around here. Coming from a big city like (Cleveland,Oh)I miss all the exciting hairstyles and stylists. So I appreciate you sharing your photos. P.S. What is 27 piece? 27 pieces of hair comes in it or something. You see we real slow in this country town.

    well a 27pc is a pack of hair that has 27 tracks in it. the tracks are in 3 different lengths. This is great hair to use for short a pack and try it.Let me know what you think. they have it online. i tried the cheap pack first...which is the eve brand. i ordered it from On this style i only used it on the back and sides and used regular 8in hair at the top....
  • Marquita (Private)
    9 years ago
    Why do you use a stocking cap? Is it better for the hair than putting glue directly on it? It is just easier? How long does quickweaves last? I know I am bombarding you with questions, but I would just like to know. You are very talented - by the way!



    I personally use a stocking cap for the protection of the hair. It prevents glue from getting on the hair.My quick weaves usually last 2-3weeks. i wouldnt recommend it being up longer than that. Hope this helps...Thanks for the comment, and by the way, i dont mind all the questions, thats the only way we can learn is by askin....thank u gurl....