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This is the reason you DO NOT put your kids on your insurance

1 Ford Explorer totaled by 17 yr old son by hitting side of new BMW while running a red light at speed...

2 1st Scion TC 1 month old less then 1000 miles totaled by 18 yr old son trying to see how fast he could go on the LIE in NY

3 2nd Scion TC same son now 19 yrs old another identical Scion loses it at close to 130 MPH over 600 ft of skid marks hit curb launched car airbourn ouer 4 ft high for apox. 130 ft stopped by house... 4 ft above the foundation will keep up to date pics as they keep wrecking there cars


100 0323

Taken: January 01, 2006
Uploaded: April 29, 2008
Captured with:
Kodak C875 Zoom