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PLEASE read my "Welcome Page" before you check out all of the goodies that is in this folder. I do not take any credit in the making of anything that is in this folder. I have collected some from web sites but most from the animation groups I belong to. There are alot of very talented people in these groups, if you would like to join any of these groups check out my Welcome Page. Also, you don't have to leave a comment but it would be nice so that the people that made all of these beautiful things can see how much you are enjoying their work. Everything in here is just awesome, I hope you can find some to use so snag away. (EVERYTHING IN HERE IS FOR SNAGGING ONLY)

If you would like to join these awesome groups that made alot of these beautiful goodies go to my "Welcome" page and it will tell you what to do or just email me at:

These are NOT for SALE or PURCHASE but for SNAGGING ONLY, they were made by various artists, I take NO credit in the making of anything in these folders, I am just sharing their beautiful work with you, please IGNORE the "ORDER" & "ADD to SHOPPING CART" & "PRINT ALL for", EVERYTHING IN HERE IS FREE.

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