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E. Ray Austin's Vietnam - Album #2

ALL MAY NOT HAVE BEEN TAKEN IN 1969 - A collection of Vietnam Photos from friends who were at DAK TO, BEN HET, FSB-6, TAN CAHN, and other locations close by.

1-Operational Reports of the 1st Battalion 92nd Artillery, my Unit:
2-Another good story is at
3-An excellent YouTube video also:
4-The battle of Ben Het Vietnam (1969):

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Two Cockroaches on an Ace of Hearts.  BIG Bugs!

Two Cockroaches on an Ace of Hearts. BIG Bugs!

I laid these two cockroaches on an Ace of Heart to show the size of those rascals.

We had plenty of them where I was at. At night it was either them, the rats, or me when it came to who was going to sleep in the sleeping bag at night. I used my lighter and some kind of spray in a can to make a flamethrower and cook them as they tried to escape.

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