Bruce H

I finally got around to taking some pics of one of the 1988-92 Buick
Regal diecast conversions. This conversion is on an early action Lumina
diecast from 1994. The Luminas were available in David Green Busch beer,
Nemechek Meineke, Craven Dupont, Earnhardt Goodwrench, and Bonnett
Countrytime as far as I know. I like to use this body because it is a much
heavier casting than the later action Luminas. Also, I have seen this
conversion done on the early Revell Luminas which were more commonly
available. You will also need a Buick regal race car plastic kit.
Starting at the nose, you have to graft in the header panel from the Buick
regal plastic kit. I have found it to be more efficient to leave the Lumina
front bumper on the car and modify it to look like the Buick bumper. I
always graft the header panel and have it cemented solidly in place with JB
Weld before doing anything to the hood. The lumina diecast can be marked as
to where to cut using the piece from the plastic kit as a template. Once
the header panel is in place you can lower the hood to the header and mark
the hood as to the length needed and carefully cut the hood to length. I
usually cut it longer than needed and use 40 and 80 grit sandpaper on a
block to get the exact length. The hood has to fit into the header panel
area which has been grafted on from the Buick kit.
Next the rear bumper area has to be removed from the diecast and the Buick
bumper from the kit grafted on. Again, use the kit bumper as a template as
to where to cut off the diecast bumper. Once the diecast has been trimmed,
use JB Weld to cement it in place. Take your time and make sure it is in
the correct location before walking away because once the JB Weld sets up,
it's not going to move.
The last thing to do is reform the sides of the car. The Luminas had a very
distinct and deep body crease all the way down the side of the car. The
Regals had a rounded side with a very tiny line in the very center of the
body. Look at the Buick model and you will see what I mean. I have usually
left the line out of the Buick reshaped area to allow for easier application
of decals. I use regular autobody filler to fill the upper portion of the
side of the Lumina diecast and bring it out to meet the lower diecast body
line. It will usually take several applications of filler to get it just
right. This will produce a side contour that it very similar to the Regal.
All the grafts will have to be finished off as needed and primed. I think
you can see from the pics that this produces a very nice looking regal as a
finished product.
Any questions feel free to contact me. It might be a good idea to post
these for the guys who want to attempt the conversion. Why reinvent the
wheel if ya don't have to.

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