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DC Comics 4th Continuity - The New 52

My original album for DC, I transitioned it to the New 52 comics on 8/2/15 because I have a higher percentage of them scanned. I decided in 2014 to scan the books when they arrived to me, although I am not always faithful to that.

Beginning in September 2011, DC threw it's entire history out the window, and lost a majority of it's long time fans. I knew within an hour of reading the plans that my time being a faithful reader of every DC title was done. I decided to only continue reading the Green Lantern titles, but I can't say I am enjoying them all that much. I can't bring myself to walk away from them, though, either, although DC is working that way on their own as they have cancelled three of the 5 titles already.

There are also a few scans in the album that are down right now, so I can't move them to their proper albums. Hopefully someday they will come back and I can put them in their proper place.

All scans are of comics in my collection, and are not for sale.

Green Lantern New Guardians #035

Uploaded: August 07, 2015