Available for Trade

I only trade duplicates! I have lots of duplicates available, I typed them into Excel and screencapped them for the album.

I've made over 50 trades, and can document my feedback from Trader Retreat and NUTS (NASCAR card forum)...maybe Beckett's board, I have not posted there in more than 5 years.

Anything not visible in my collection albums are cards I don't have, and therefore, want! I'm a set completist. I have scanned my entire NASCAR and non-sports collections, NBA still has a long way to go before I have them all scanned.

Color Code:
Black text = base card, blue = paralell, red=insert (appears more maroon in the screencap), orange= paralell of insert, green=promo or prototype, purple = relic. I have no autographs available but if I did they would be pink.

The small number to the right of the car description is quantity I have available.

For any cards I trade, give or sell away, I will make note of it in the caption area, large enough updates will get a new screencap.

All photos © ElCaminoBilly unless otherwise noted

2017 (2769)

Taken: August 01, 2017
Uploaded: August 05, 2017