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This year's Topps set is one of my favorites from the time period. The design is colorful, well thought out, and the backs of the cards are now predominantly just works for me.

This is also the first year where Topps really starts using a lot of action shots- up to this point, most of the Topps issues from the time period were staged.

This design was reused in 2001-02 for the second, and unfortunatly final, Topps Heritage set.

I believe my only contemporary Wilt Chamberlain card comes from this set, all his other cards were out of my price range...although according to Wikipedia he never actually played for the ABA team the card shows.

All scans are of cards in my collection, not for sale or trade.

1974-75 Fleer Cloth Stickers Phoenix Suns (1)

Uploaded: November 01, 2016