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80-81 Topps has to be the most frustrating set in Topps' long history. Each standard-sized card is actually three small panels, and each panel is it's own seperate card, each with it's own number. There are many variations of the cards. It's almost impossible to figure out what you need for your collection, because Beckett can't grasp the concept that they are three cards sharing one panel.

While all my cards are still in their original three card panel state, I have cropped each single card panel into it's own image. Once I get them all scanned, I will be able to put them in number order for the first and only time, because Topps couldn't even make it easy on collectors and number them in a consecutive manner.

This album also includes the only issue from TCMA- I have no idea what it stands for- issued during 1981, entirely of retired players. I don't know if it came out during the 80-81 or 81-82 seasons, but I have less cards from 80-81 than 81-82 so I put them here just simply to make scrolling through my albums easier.

All scans are of cards in my collection, not for trade or sale.

1980-81 Fleer NBA Logo Stickers New Jersey Nets (1)

Uploaded: September 01, 2017