The 1982-83 season did not have a major set release. Topps quit after 1981-82, and Star had not started yet. For an NBA collector at the time, it must have been pretty disappointing that season (It was before I was born). However, there were some team issues released, and I've been aware of them for years. I was finally able to track some of them down on COMC and I got to add the season to my collection on August 14th, 2017. I now have every season from 1969-70 to current documented in my collection.

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1982-83 Denver Nuggets Police #22 (1)
1982-83 Denver Nuggets Police #22 (1…
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1982-83 Portland Trail Blazers Police Ron Culp (1)
1982-83 Portland Trail Blazers Polic…
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