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I'm a person of randomness, here is where I will share with you ;)
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Hair concoctions and such
More of me playing suzie homemaker...except with hair products
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leave my pictures where you found'em!!!!
Napptural shots!
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  • leave my pictures where you found'em!!!!
    My favorite nappies

    Just showing some pictures of my favorite nappies. Most of these pictures I took myself, if not, I will give credit if possible where do. Don't steal my damn pictures either or I will haunt you at night and shake your bed and throw fire in your hair.

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  • leave my pictures where you found'em!!!!
    My regimen and products

    Okay, this was too dag on long and I need to shorten it lest I bore everyone to death lol. So here is the shortened version.

    No heat
    deep condition

    Anything specific you want to know, feel free to ask me!

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  • leave my pictures where you found'em!!!!

    First...some guidelines MissEmbrya from nappturality shared with me...

    I use it every 6 weeks as a prevention tool on my ends. Every since I BC and immediately began using Aphogee (upon the suggestion of my line sister), I've had zero breakage, and I'd like to keep it this way. yes.gif

    First you need to figure out if your hair is sensitive to protein or not. Mix half a capful of the Aphogee with a creme protein conditioner (e.g. Nexxus Keraphix or Joico K-Pak) and see how your hair responds. Rinse it clean and follow up with a super moisturizing DT mixed with olive oil. If this works, you can start using Aphogee.

    Start off by detangling your hair with conditoner. Then proceed to -->

    Step 1: Clarify your hair completely. I recommend using a sulfate shampoo from a drugstore --> some of the harsh stuff. (For Aphogee to work, it needs to be able to penetrate the hair shaft. Buildup from other products or conditioner washing will prevent this.)
    Step 2: Let your hair stay wet. Put on gloves if you have a cut on your hand and avoid getting the product in your eyes 'cause it will burn worse than shampoo.
    Step 3: Separate your hair into 6 sections and clip them.
    Step 4: Since you have long hair, I recommend putting Aphogee into a small styrofoam cup and adding water to it. (About 1/2 and 1/2.) Take one section and dunk your ends into it. Then apply some straight from the bottle to the shaft and smooth. DO NOT COMB THROUGH!
    Step 5: Sit under the dryer for 15 minutes without a plastic cap or anything on. I have to clip the back of my hair up so it'll all fit under there.
    Step 6: Rinse with warm water for awhile.
    Step 7: Use Cream of Nature Shampoo (green bottle) to wash the Aphogee out. If you don't have this, do not use any other kind of shampoo. Instead, use one of the Suave condtioners and wash.
    Step 8: Mix together a hot oil treatment and a DT. Cover with plastic cap and sit under dryer for 20 minutes.
    Step 9: Rinse out and put in your hair products. However, do not use any styling products --> no gels, no activators, no serums, etc. because they actually prevent moisture from penetrating your hair. And your hair is going to already be dry due to the Aphogee. I suggest using a light leave-in and a butter on top of that --> something like Curl Junkie or Oyin's Whipped Pudding. I know Spiral will suggest Blended Beauty.

    I have used a few different things than MissEmbrya suggested, but it was alright. You'll see as you go along in the picture

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