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Hair concoctions and such

More of me playing suzie homemaker...except with hair products

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Homemade curly pudding

I found these recipes on nappturality, which, of course I find everything on np. I just love mixing stuff.

*Aftermath* okay, I found that using the purple one ( I don't remember which is one or two), I wasn't too keen on using it alone, at first. But then as my hair dried, well, my curls still didn't look like when I use Miss Jessie's but it didn't matter cause I've long gotten over "perfect" hair. But on my second go around, I used a little of both curly puddings together and loved the results.

Oh, you can see my version of the shingling method. This was less work, I loved it. The curly puddings left my hair VERY moisturized and the style held up nicely.

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    Banana and yogurt deep conditioner

    Thanks to Shiraz, I tried this recipe that she has listed in her fotki. It worked nicely on my hair to restore the softness I lost due to my henna treatment. *Warning* this stuff is a bit messy, I had flecks of it covering my floor and dresser.

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    Second henna
    Sep 30, 2007

    First, thank you to Spiral, cause if not for her fotki I would never have tried this the first time.

    What I used:

    Jamila Henna, bodyart quality (I purchased from I used 250g (I had a half box left from the last time I henna'ed, I need this much because I have long hair) Or use whatever henna you like
    Apple cider vinegar
    Plastic spoon
    Cling wrap
    Plastic or glass bowl
    Old towels and clothing you don't care about
    Disposable gloves
    Patience, and a long movie to put on once you begin to henna

    First, I clarified my hair, because henna will not stick to oily hair. Then I followed with an acv rinse. After covering up with old clothes and vaseline everywhere, I parted my hair into four sections and donned gloves and got to slathering henna on, starting at the hair at the nape of my neck.

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    Avocado deep treatment
    Sep 30, 2007


    One whole, ripened avocado, or more depending on your length. I used half of a big one and a whole little one, and that was more than I needed.

    Aloe vera gel (or juice)


    Coconut milk

    I also used brown sugar fragrance oil because the scent of avocado was too much for me. Now because I have long hair, I used an entire can of coconut milk, but there is no right or wrong way to make this. Make it to the consistency you want, and use what you think is enough coconut milk or avocado.

    I used this after doing my henna treatment, and it did help to restore moisture to my hair. You can do this as a pre-poo treatment and shampoo out, but I just applied mine to just rinsed hair, detangled, and let sit for half an hour. It did have a bit of slip to it which really helped detangle my hair.

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    Mommy Moe's MoeGrow oil!

    I got this recipe from my nappy mother on NP, but I added some of my own twists to it.

    Materials used:

    16 ounces Jojoba oil (please pronounce it ho-HO-ba!) and use every two days (but you can also use macadamia nut oil and use it once a week on your scalp)

    (I used dried, bulk herbs from the health food store)
    Four tbs. horsetail herb (do NOT use if pregnant or if you have high blood pressure, use the nettles only. same for rosemary)
    Four tbs. stinging nettles herb
    Two tbs. lavender
    Four tbs. calendula
    Three whole vanilla bean pods
    Glass jar

    Combine all herbs in jar (see what I do with the vanilla bean though) and simmer over low heat in pot of water for three hours. Remove from heat, put lid on jar and let oil infuse for three days (longer in my case since I'm sending a friend in London some of the oil lol)

    In a plastic squirt bottle, I mixed 2 ounces of oil and 2 ounces of aloe vera juice. I shook it up, let it warm to room temperature, shook again and used. I shake it thoroughly before using it cause it will separate.

    Use this on your scalp, and Moe recommends not using anything else so your pores aren't clogged. I'm not using this so much for hair growth, as much as for nourishment as these are excellent herbs for hair and skin.

    Update 3/26/2008 ~ so I washed my hair last night, and as I was detangling to get the shed hair out, I noticed I had a TON less shedding than I usually do, and I was wearing my hair loose yet it had been unmanipulated for a week. I also added some cinammon eo to the mix.

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