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Napptural gatherings

leave my pictures where you found'em!!!!
Basement Bhangra

May 1, the girls from nappturality and I decided to get down at Basement Bhangra @ SOB's in NYC. We had a blast!!! Afroknots, TamTam, GalaxyGirl, Phatdoo, Ebonique and YaYa, yall are the best! I wish more girls could have come, we would have tore that place up!

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  • leave my pictures where you found'em!!!!
    Nappturality Gathering @ Central Park Aug 19, 2008

    Oooh what a wonderful day! I got to see all of my sisters from the board and we had a blast!

    And what was up with errbody tryna drink up the Jesus Juice?

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