Drag Referance Photos for Fiat Manufactured Performance Cars

for model building referance,If you recognize a photo that is yours and would like to take credit for it feel free to do so by clicking on the comments button or contact me if you would like it removed,I would like to thank all the Drivers/Owners for without their racing talents and cars we would not have these pictures and to the Photographers who took them to help preserve a moment in history and valuable referance to those of us who take our scale model building seriously,and to the Individuals that sent me numeroue pictures,CD disc's and scans to add to such a great selection,I would also like to add this is a TOTALLY NON PROFIT album and nothing is sold and no money is made from these albums as stated......PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SIGN MY GUESTBOOK

  • Lee Rickard (Private)
    8 years 11 months ago
    Peter Lodge Was my hero I saw this car run at every meeting except when he raced in Australia one time, He built the car tuned it and raced it I never saw him have have any brakeages that I know of he allways got down the track and allways put on a awesome show. I would love to find the car and restore it anyone know where it went after Dick Ward purchased it?... LEE
  • Rick Proctor (Private)
    9 years 8 months ago
    2 NHRR 2004 096[1]
    Hi Randy;
    That's our Fiat taken at Bowling Green. We don't have the blower motor in it anymore, but still racing it..Old car, lots of history, won the U S National twice back in the 60's.