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Mississippi Relief Trip

This folder holds pictures of the trip we made down to Mississippi for relief efforts after hurricane Katrina. Companies from Delaware County donated equipment to Fire Companies in the hard hit areas. Some of those companies lost everything they had, bldgs, trucks and equipment.

Mississippi Relief Trip
Nov 2, 2005

Companies from Delco chipped in to send equipment and turnout gear down to the raveged fire companies in the south. These first few pictures are the equipment and gear being loaded up into the truck the night before the trip. Pictures have been added showing the trip down, unloading the truck and putting out a brush fire in Leetown Mississippi. The pictures of the tour of the damaged areas follow. The tour starts about 20 miles from the Gulf and works it's way right to the beach. It's hard to put things into perspective but, when looking at these pictures. Try and imagine green grass and trees. The area where there is nothing but piles of debris is 3 blocks from the gulf. These were at one time $200,000 to $300,000 homes. All that is left now is a concrete pad or metal rods from the foundation. It's hard to believe that 10 weeks after the storm hit, people are still living in conditions like this, and firefighters have to put up with a lack of support or relief like they are. People in the area are pissed at the F/D because they aren't getting much help from them. When the truth is the F/d's need just as much or more help to get back on their feet.

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