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My athletic and sport photogrpahy
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Pictures available to be printed out over fotki's print service.
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Samples of my early work. My formal portfolio is at
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*** The FrameShot Awards ***
I've had a lot of fun meeting and photographing people at science fiction and anime conventions. These conventions bring out the best in the wonderful weirdness of human personality. Some people derserve special recognition for the weirdness they bring.
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Concert Pictures I've taken outside of conventions.
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Pictures I've taken at various science fiction and anime conventions I've attened. These pictures are taken to preserve the memories of the fun we've had and the friends we've made.
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Event photography
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I've a number of requests for cat pictures, so here they are. More pictures to come...

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Oct 7, 2003

Various concert pictures I've taken at conventions. (The dates the pictures were taken vary.)

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Convention Highlights: 2003

Highlights from the conventions I attended in 2003.

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Convention Highlights: 2004

Highlights from the conventions I attened in 2004.

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Convention Highlights: 2005

The obligatory year-in-review for the conventions I attended in 2005

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Drew and Carrie Dubois Wedding
Dec 10, 2011

Drew and Carrie got married!

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Miscellanious Pick-up

Album for sharing pictures that aren't from conventions or events.

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ORHS 2008 - rennovation and class of 88 reunion
Jul 12, 2008

Oak Rdige High School 2008 -
school rennovation and class of 1988 reunion

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